NQ Malnutrition Alert

NQ Malnutrition Alert

Automate and track your nutritional obligations, making it easy to manage high-touch care to those that need it most.

For the first time, clinical managers can automatically receive a rolling daily alert to advise which of their residents are at risk of malnutrition.  

Take early action to maintain quality of life for residents before they become malnourished.

The only nutritional care solution that focuses on the nutritional wellbeing of the resident.  What we call the Nutritional Quotient (NQ).

Photographic evidence of every meal eaten by every resident, automated daily malnutrition alerts and automated daily menu uptake report, all in one central platform.  Linked to your existing information systems for maximum efficiency.

Support residents who may not be consuming the nutrition they want and require.

Increase satisfaction and happiness by understanding and personalising the meal experience you offer every resident.

Residents are now understood, supported and truly cared for.

Even those who struggle to tell you how you can make their meal experience positive and enjoyable.

Residents look forward to their meals.  A nutritious dietitian-approved menu is not enjoyable if it is not eaten.

An automated daily menu uptake report is translated into a deep understanding of which menu items are most loved and by whom.  Extra attention is given to residents who require special support.

Time and effort in the kitchen is focussed on what brings pleasure to every resident.

Empowered Care staff have real-time opportunity to truly understand how to support their residents they love.

With an NQ Alert direct to their screen, the Clinical Manager coordinates team resources with objectives that make sense.

Deep and meaningful care.  Staff, time and budget resources allocated where most beneficial.

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