Helping you identify risk of malnutrition and maintain adequate nutrition for residents in aged care homes.

According to recent benchmark surveys, aged care homes spend an average of $1.33 million on the catering service at an average 90-place home.  Yet the Dietitians Association of Australia report that prevalence of malnutrition in residential care is 22-50%.  This is despite a dietitian-approved, nutritious menu.

Malnutrition increases risk of adverse outcomes such as falls, wounds, infection, reduced mobility, poor quality of life and even death.

Now you can measure daily consumption and nutrition for every resident. 

Capture – the missing piece of nutrition flow – what the resident has actually consumed

Analyse – automatically analyse what is captured and link to your care management information

Alert – automatically notify you daily who is at risk of malnutrition

Action – focus your attention on high touch care to residents that require it most

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