Mobile computing, high-touch care

A daily NQ Alert to the Clinical Manager highlights which residents are most at risk of malnutrition so you can provide high-touch care to residents that require it most.

Australian residential aged care providers deliver 207 million care hours per year and spend $2 billion on the catering service yet 22-50%  of residents are malnourished. (Stewart Brown Aged Care Financial Performance Summary, Sept 2019.

Why? We do not measure the NQ – Nutritional Quotient of residents – the amount they actually eat at each meal.

Capture – the missing piece of nutrition flow – photos of what the resident has actually consumed

Analyse – automatically analyse what is captured and link to your care management information

Alert – automatically notify the Clinical Manager daily who is at risk of malnutrition

Action – focus attention on high touch care to residents that require it most

Now you can measure daily consumption and nutrition for every resident. 


For care and nursing staff

Capture every meal every resident receives to monitor consumption and take action to reduce malnutrition.

Identify – facial recognition ensures the right resident receives the right care.

View – care and nutrition profile, right in the line of vision of care staff, hands free.

Record – photo, video, voice evidence of food consumption and other quality indicators

Action – more time for high-touch care for residents at risk of malnutrition

For Clinical Managers

View – daily NQ alert report sent direct to your screen.

Allocate – care staff to residents who most require high-touch care


Care –   daily NQ alert report sent direct to your screen

                Individual resident rolling 7 day NQ status

                Individual resident meal NQ status

                Individual resident photos of each meal provided and meal consumed

Catering – daily uptake report of main meal consumption


Improved quality of life for residents receiving targeted nutritional care

Evidence of compliance with Australian Aged Care Quality Standards

Integrates with existing Care Management software

Daily alert report of resident malnutrition risk

Care focussed where it is most needed

Reduced food waste and cost of supplements

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